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Yesterday, I turned on my cell phone and it vibrated.

Since no one in Carpenter Country has my number, and I use the cell only for emergencies, I figured it was my provider. Sending free messages urging me to buy one hundred units and offering a reward of another twenty-five complimentary units is one of their marketing ploys.

But when I clicked on delete an advertisement appeared from an unknown business asking if my phone was broken–and telling me I could have it repaired by calling their 800 number.

What? I hit delete again.

Another message came up advising me that I’d just been charged ten units. Ten units for a telemarketing ad I didn’t want or need. Were they crazy?

And then I realized it was probably my own fault.

For months I’d been deleting those pesky emails that start out: Warning–in just 4 days all cell phone numbers will be released to a wireless 411 directory and you will start receiving calls from automated dialers…

At that time a check of the Federal Trade Commission web site had informed me the email warnings were false. Now it looked like I should have registered my cell on the do-not-call list anyway.

Well, there’s no time like the present.

Pulling up the DNC registry, I plugged my number into their protected file. Further reading advised that the government works for consumers to prevent fraud, deception and questionable business practices.

Great! If another telemarketer leaves a message that costs cheapie me ten units, I can file a complaint.

And I hope I don’t get charged for doing it.

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