Essay — Defying Age

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It seems almost everyone wants to look younger. For me it’s getting harder every year. I’d get a facelift if I could find a walk in/walk out clinic. I just don’t have the time to waste on a month-long healing process.

Yesterday I stumbled across a site that offered natural age removal tips. Woo-hoo, something fast and easy!

Defying Age
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The first helpful hint was stop smoking. I’d been there, done that years ago.

The list continued with other easy to do items such as highlight your hair, paint your fingernails with fancy designs, let your eyebrows grow bushy, whiten your teeth, buy a new bra, stand up straight, keep your chin raised.

My hair already sports a bright shade of silver. My nails are too short for butterflies and flowers, but I may consider bushy eyebrows and teeth brightening.

As for buying a new bra–I’d been thinking about doing that anyway, so I rushed out to see what I could find. The selection was overwhelming. There must have been 400 bras on display in three different aisles. I tried on twenty…no help. I was still sagging and now I was tired.

That left me with the last two tips: Straighten your spine and keep your chin up.

Unfortunately, Carpenter Country has lots of rough ground. If I want to see where I’m walking, it’s going to be hard to keep my chin up. Suppose I fall and break something?

Fractured bones require a cast and take ages to heal.

Hmm–a facelift might be quicker.


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