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Once again it’s those crazy, hazy days of summer. Carpenter Country’s cool mornings have disappeared into swirling, dusty heat dampened by an occasional downpour, and autumn breezes are far away.

While searching for something to do besides stand around in the A/C or step outside onto the back deck and sweat, it dawned on me that I hadn’t decluttered my home in awhile.

Oh, great! A job that would keep me busy ’til October.

I began with my clothes closet.

Two hours later I was still trying on blouses, slacks and shoes that I hadn’t worn in a year. By the time I finished, a whole recycled wardrobe rested on the bed and the Goodwill box stood empty.

This was not going well.

The next morning I stayed out of the bedroom closet and instead tackled the knick-knack shelf.

You are a packrat, I thought, as I surveyed all the stuff that had accumulated since the last time I did this job. Which was when–two years ago?

Impossible, it must have been longer. No one could collect this much junk in only twenty-four months.

Closing my mind to thoughts like–but mom gave me that. What if I toss it and then need it? I’ll never find anything as good again. – I started separating everything into piles labeled: KEEP. GIVE AWAY. MAYBE.

Pretty soon only the KEEP group graced the shelf, restoring at least one eyesore to perfection.

Now it’s on to the rest of the house.

I hope fall comes soon.

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