Deck the Halls

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Some years the spirit of Christmas takes longer to arrive. Maybe this season’s delay was caused by the weather, which has been gray and dingy instead of sharp, crisp and bright. Maybe what made us feel like a flat tire was the fact that there are no longer any Santa Claus believers in our teen-and-older family.

Or maybe the cause was no matter how much things change, in reality they stay the same.

Whatever the reason, Scrooge seemed to hang around longer than usual this December.

But yesterday the Carpenter Country crowd looked at the calendar, then at each other and said–“Let’s store the blahs.”

We went to the closet and pulled out all the decorations to deck the halls. Soon the house was filled with carols and the homefront took on a festive air. Then it was off to the mall where we took our own advice about shopping wisely–and came away pleased with our purchases and ourselves.

Now that the presents are wrapped and waiting, now that the tree is up and trimmed, sparkle, glow and warmth surround us.

We hope the spirit of the season surrounds you, too. And we wish you all the joy that only Christmas can bring.

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