Daylight Saving Time

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Hard to believe it’s already fall. Seems like only yesterday dogwoods were blooming and we were turning the clocks ahead an hour. Now here it is almost time to turn them back again.

But wait a minute. A check of the October page on the calendar shows Daylight Saving Time is missing!

Good grief…no end to Daylight Saving Time? That means dawn will be really late. We’ll have to get out of bed before daylight. Drive to work in the dark. Leave our kids standing at school bus stops illuminated only by star shine.

What a horrible scenario.

Fortunately, before a meltdown occurred, the short one fast-forwarded to November. And there in block letters was DST. Fall back hadn’t gone missing–it had just been moved ahead.

For those who occasionally suffer a senior moment (like the short one) an Energy Policy Act passed in 2005 extended DST by four weeks. More minutes of evening daylight were supposed to translate into less barrels of oil used. Plus later hours of daylight were thought to be good for public well-being since evening visibility was better.

Here in Carpenter Country we applaud public safety and energy conservation. However, when the alarm goes off in the morning we’d like to be greeted by the sun. Getting out of bed in the dark is a downer.

Then again extending DST to November 4th may be a good thing. It will certainly make opening the door to those Halloween ghosts, witches and goblins much less scary.

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