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Most every mother with a married son has a daughter-in-law. Some daughters-in-law are kind and sweet. Others are sneaky and nasty. Those mothers-in-law faced with sneaky and nasty are mad as heck, but afraid to gripe, grouse or grumble. To do so might put them in jeopardy of never seeing their sons or grandchildren again.

Here in Carpenter Country, we champion all causes. So to ease the frustration of those exasperated mothers-in-law, we’ve decided to voice their complaints.

Almost all the mothers-in-law we talked to would like:

–Less mother-in-law roasting, more daughter-in-law jokes.

–The same amount of love for dear Mom after her son has been snared and the marriage knot tied as before the big event happened.

–A son who sees past his wife’s show of sweet kindness and realizes how she really feels about Mom.

–An invitation to come over and visit even when the grandkids no longer need a sitter.

It seems very few mothers-in-law want their son back. And the last thing they want is to cause a rift between their son and daughter-in-law. What these Moms wish for is a once-in-a-while short visit with the kid they nurtured to adulthood.

Their final word is: Give us a break, make us feel welcome. Remember if it weren’t for us there’d be no sons. And no sons would mean no daughters-in-law.

**Please note the above comments are solely the tirade of mothers-in-law that we’ve interviewed and are not shared by those who live in Carpenter Country.

In our neck of the woods, all daughters-in-law are wonderful.

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