Dancing Around The Truth

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MoreOn Entertainment has announced the introduction of a new dancing-themed television show called Dancing Around The Truth. Contestants will be required to demonstrate skill in performing steps such as Tap Dancing Past Facts, Sidestepping Reality and Waltzing Away From Integrity.

“We’re going to start auditioning in Washington DC,” says a MoreOn spokesperson. “This type of dance has become an art form in our capital city.”

Other auditions are scheduled across the US. In addition to politicians, MoreOn anticipates that corporate executives and news media personalities will also be interested in vying for a spot on the show. The company says these professionals have a natural flair for bopping around the truth, and generally enjoy showing off their prowess.

Acknowledging the possibility audiences will be reluctant to watch familiar faces dance to familiar tunes, the show’s format calls for experts to be partnered with less experienced dancers. MoreOn hopes the contrast will attract fans who may be jaded by daily news reports of the candor-dodging agility of well known participants.

The company is unconcerned about competing with C-Span, which already trots out live coverage of congressional rumbas.

“In all honesty, this is bigger than politics as usual,” Moreon’s spokesperson says. “Dancing Around The Truth has the potential to become a national craze.”

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