Customized Care

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According to the latest news reports, wonderful things are happening in the field of medicine. It seems that soon being over-medicated or under-cared-for will be a thing of the past.

For instance, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal mentioned the impact disease management could have on Medicare’s bottom line. A study will begin as soon as enough people volunteer to be in the trial program. Once recruited, respondents will be called several times a month by a nurse, who will ask health and life-style related questions and offer advice and reminders on how to keep fit.

Hmmm! Saving money while helping people stay well? Sounds like a good idea.

Another thought-provoking story mentioned the use of DNA to personalize a person’s medications. Since many people are on several drugs and some of those overlap each other, a personalized medication program could insure better health. The best part is many patients will gain the benefits but avoid the risks of prescription drugs.

Here in Carpenter Country we’re thankful that (at the moment) our customized care consists of exercise and a vitamin a day. And while we read with interest that researchers are doing amazing things with stem cells such as growing new teeth and hair in animals, our teeth and hair aren’t yet ready to be replaced.

Of course, we also realize health problems can pop up without warning. So while we’re jogging on our treadmill and riding our stationary bike, we’re keeping a sharp eye on news from the medical front.

As grandma used to say–knowledge is the best prescription.

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