Essay — Cruisin’

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Years ago, whenever my grandson visited he’d leave something behind when he went home. “So I can come back again,” he told me, after I asked.

Well, it seems I’m now my own grandson.

Last week, I joined a friend for a line-dancing cruise to the Bahamas. After a wonderful lunch at the ship’s well-stocked buffet, the two of us hurried off to check out all the other good-time stuff. The casino beckoned and soon the slots ate a big gob of our money.

The next morning’s schedule called for our group to do two hours of line dancing. The routines, the instructor, everybody–except me–were super great. I lost my rhythm before the end of the session.

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Nassau greeted us with a tropical depression. Unfortunately, the gusty winds, rain and the long walk to the shops forced us to return to the ship.

The weather continued to worsen and the captain cancelled the next day’s shore excursion. But Yay! Hooray! All was not lost. On-board entertainment jumped into high gear with contests, shows and movies.

Plus the gaming machines lit up and spit out more $$$ than a lot of us had started with.

After I finished tallying up my replenished cash supply, I decided to visit the lending library and place a bunch of The SkyHorse bookmarks on the shelf.

Like my grandson, I was leaving something behind so one day I could come back.

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