Cosmetics for Men

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Looking for an appealing investment? Consider cosmeceuticals, also known as cosmetics. This multibillion-dollar industry, designed to keep women beautiful, has over the past few seasons focused on an attractive new market: Men.

Of course, cosmetics for the masculine set are hardly an original idea. In ancient Egypt, where beauty aids were popular, pharaohs used dark colored maquillage (pronounced mah-key-ahz) to emphasize their eyes. The Greeks and Romans liked soaps and perfumed oils. Eighteenth century men applied facial powders to cover tanned skin.

In more modern times, Hollywood brought cosmetics to the silver screen. Many a macho actor achieved captivating good looks with the aid of hair dye and theatrical makeup.

Men have also long dominated the production end of the cosmetic industry. Max Factor mixed creams and powders and introduced his line of makeup during the early 1900s. A great many other beauty aids were invented and patented by men in the late 1800s and the early part of the 20th century. Most notable were the electric hair dryer, hair dye and hair curlers.

While some men today cold-shoulder cosmetics, others have begun to climb on the beauty train. And with the gentlemen onboard, cosmetic sales may soon rival the national debt. That could make cosmeceuticals a pretty ride for investors.

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