Color Me Bright

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Do you remember the song Where Have All the Flowers Gone? That tune kept running through the short one’s head the other day when she went shopping for a new living room set.

However, after she walked through several stores the words changed to–where have all the colors gone?

Almost every sofa and chair she looked at was a boring black or brown. Occasionally, she came across a lackluster burgundy, a lifeless navy blue or an uninspiring hunter green, but all the bright, floral colors had gone missing.

“I know times are bad,” she said to a salesperson, “but Carpenter Country is the land of sunshine and flowers. Where are your vivid, vibrant, multicolored furnishings?”

He glanced around the large showroom filled with dreary merchandise and replied, “Guess we don’t have any.”

Two hours and many more bland room displays later, the short one finally decided–neither did anyone else.

As she headed toward the exit, she saw a bunch of suggestion cards lying on a table. She picked one up, whipped out her pen and wrote–Furniture manufacturers wake up! Customers want happy furniture.

Before she could slip the card into the slotted container, the store manager, who had been hovering nearby, asked, “What’s happy furniture?”

“In my case,” the short one said, “a chair, couch or loveseat covered in a fabric patterned with blues, greens, yellows and pinks in a floral design. You don’t have any, but I’ll be back when you do.”

Until then, she’d go home and be content with her once colorful, now faded, but still flowery, living room set.

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