Closing the Pool

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The recent blast of cold air had Carpenter Country’s short one thinking about warm weather and her old swimming pool. Filling it in had been a huge trauma and she’d fought making the decision for quite awhile.

After all, she told anyone who would listen, the pool was the focal point of the backyard and had been for many years. It was the place where family gathered for parties andbirthday blowouts. The air echoed with her kids voices and a million “when can-we-go-swimming” shouts.

What will we do for exercise? Where will we go to cool off? she wondered. Stepping out of the back door and jumping into the water had become a habit almost as natural as breathing.

Yet in reality hardly anybody used the pool anymore. If someone put on a bathing suit it was to battle an algae growth or because the walls had to be brushed down. On top of that the old structure would soon require extensive repairs.

So one morning the short one watched as trucks dumped dirt into the place where her grandkids had learned the dog paddle.

But, as they say, when one door closes, another opens.

Today grass grows in the dirt dumped by the trucks. Crape myrtle trees offer shade on a summer day. Water gurgles in a large stone fountain where birds come to drink.

Yes, for her, closing the pool had been a good decision. Now if she could only quit hesitating before walking across the grass-filled plot…

…ah, another habit in need of change.

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