Essay — Clockwork

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Excuse us, what’s the time?

You probably know to the minute. If you don’t, you just glanced at your wristwatch, your computer, the clock on the wall, or you might have checked on the web.

Here in Carpenter Country, we’re amazed by how much influence the clock has on our lives. We’re slaves to an artificial constraint designed to impose an appearance of control over inherently uncontrollable time.

The idea is enough to make us want to rebel.

Now, we’re not saying that marching in synch with everyone else is a bad thing. In fact, one purpose of Standard Time Act, which was established in the US in 1918, was to create time zones that would make communication and travel easier. We can think of other benefits too, for both business and society.

Of course, there’s also a downside, in the form of traffic jams and a nagging feeling of constantly being rushed.

So, rebels that we are, we’re contemplating a break from the regimented hustle and bustle. Tomorrow we’ll unstrap our watches, leave the computer off and ignore the clock on the wall. The hours can tick past without our supervision.

In a world where the moment is always later than we think, time is a gift we owe ourselves.




HL Carpenter is a mother/daughter duo who write family-friendly fiction from their studios in Carpenter Country, a magical place that, like their stories, is unreal but not untrue. When they’re not writing, the Carpenters enjoy exploring the Land of What-If and practicing the fine art of Curiosity. Visit Carpenter Country at


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