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Here in Carpenter Country, almost everyone I know is off on a jaunt to somewhere. Well, I’m ready to have some fun, too, and I just found my fantasy trip. It’s called The Ultimate Chocolate Lovers Vacation, and includes a tray of perfect confectionaries served in bed, plus a day at a spa wrapped in soothing layers of the creamy delicacy.

Image source: David Leggett  via Wikimedia Commons
Image source: David Leggett via Wikimedia Commons

We all know the cocoa flavanols in the dark delight can perk up memory and mood, so it’s no wonder I got happy just thinking about taking such a trip.

Then I learned the pampering and tasting required a plane ride to Belgium, Switzerland, London or Paris–and too bad–all the tours were booked.

My mood plunged–but only until I discovered it wasn’t necessary to travel halfway around the world to be covered in exotic flavors or indulge in free samples of the finest treat on earth. Chocolate excursions exist in Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York.

Darn, if only I’d known that in June. It would have been fun to visit SoHo and take in the New Cuisine Chocolate tour. Or the Union Square extravaganza featuring Wine and Chocolate. And I hate that I missed the Luxury Chocolate junket featuring the best of European chocolatiers.

But never say never to a determined chocoholic.

A quick question posted to Google turned up chocolate shops in Miami, St. Augustine…and even one closer to home.

Florida tours don’t include breakfast in bed or relaxing in a spa while someone layers your body with the warm, gooey stuff. But hey, who cares. You get to taste your personal favorites and bring some home, too.

I’m leaving right now.

Wanna come along?


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