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It’s almost Easter and here in Carpenter Country we have a chocoholic who can hardly wait. He’s the one who scoffed when the results of clinical trials reported chocolate was bad for your health. And his gleeful laugh echoed around the neighborhood when newer reports stated–not true–chocolate’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

In the weeks before Easter, candy makers produce over 85 million chocolate Easter bunnies, and there’s a good possibility our chocoholic has downed almost that many. The bunny’s ears are always the first to go. Like a majority of chocolate lovers, they’re his favorite part.

But he’s not fussy. He’ll drool over any Easter basket filled with buttercreams, caramels, marshmallows or peanuts, as long as those confections are wrapped in chocolate.

Candy, home-made and store bought, has a long history and sales are hardly sluggish. Last fall, on Halloween, a big day for candy lovers, we suggested he might do better spending his money on stocks issued by one or two sugarcoated companies.

He contemplated the thought until February. Then, while eyeing the last sweet in his Valentine’s box, he told us there were chocolate holidays in every month and he planned to commemorate them all–which meant there would be no funds left to buy shares in anything. He also mentioned he’d soon be celebrating the birth date of anything chocolate.

Since the candy industry brings out hundreds of new treats every year such an endeavor will keep him busy until he’s too old to chew.

To limit the chance of him overdosing, we’re stocking up on licorice.

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