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Here in Carpenter Country we’re saddened by the recent news that two friends have suffered illness and injury. One had to move away, another went off-line. Both are upbeat and handling their challenges with good humor, but we surely miss them. Get better soon!

Dealing with change is hard and something most of us don’t look forward to. But change is everywhere. We see it each day as interest rates jump up and down. The stock market blows hot and cold. The moon waxes and wanes and ocean tides rise and fall.

Change also chases away monotony. Just notice how the spike in gas prices has livened things up. Or imagine the animated discussions between the for-and-against people when the clocks fall back an hour at the end of this month.

Yes, change has different faces. It can transform a situation into a radical difference that makes us cringe–or it can be welcome, like the month of October.

The Opal month ends with Halloween and leads us into Thanksgiving and Christmas. It also transforms summer into fall. The humidity is gone, replaced by a cool crispness that’s been missing since the beginning of April. Glorious sunrises and glowing sunsets fill the sky with color. Flowers have finally stopped drooping. Early morning mists mute the traffic noises.

The peace and quiet raises the thought that the only consistency is constant change.

If so, then bad news will often be tempered with good news.

And that’s a change to look forward to.

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