Celebrating Spring

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In the past two weeks, Carpenter Country’s short one has stuffed herself with goodies faster than a contestant in a pie eating contest.

First on the list was the annual Strawberry Festival. Music, antique cars and vendors selling every imaginable item filled the local park and drew a large crowd. But of course, the highlight of the day was shortcake topped with berries and whipped cream.

Monday morning, the Great Consumer dressed up in green, then switched to royal purple and toasted St. Urho’s day with a glass of purple beer. At the moment, St. Urho is not too well known. But according to legend he saved Finnish vineyards from a swarming outbreak of locusts with only a pitchfork and some very powerful words.

Though the story is said to be more folklore than legend, hopefully the festive occasion that started in the upper Midwest will soon spread to the sunny south.

To get ready for St. Patrick’s Day, Kid Feast shed her purple clothes and went back to green. As everybody knows, St. Paddy chased the snakes out of Ireland. For years this heroic feat has been honored with a parade, green beer and a corned beef and cabbage dinner. Yum!

Thursday afternoon, during a quick tour of the county fair, more treats were gobbled up. As the short chunky one undid the zipper on her jeans, she thought, I love all these chow-downs, but thank goodness tomorrow’s the first day of spring

and the only thing on the menu is planting flowers.

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