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I’ve learned a new word. It’s catastrophize. Basically it means to present a situation as worse than it is.

And what situations can you think of that are presented as worse than they are? One answer comes to mind: The stories reported by the news media.

Have you noticed–these days whether the news is about rape, murder, drug busts, shootouts, global warming or the Miss America pageant, the talking heads present every story with the same furrowed-brow look of worried apprehension.

And lately the weather people, possibly thinking the news anchors might be getting more coverage than they were, have started weighing in with scary accounts of dreadful upheavals in the weather.

But since when has freezing weather in Wyoming and Colorado been unusual? Aren’t ice storms in the Carolinas normal winter events? Haven’t mountains in Hawaii and Nevada been covered in snow before?

What’s more, seeing as how most of Florida, and occasionally Carpenter Country, has survived being swamped by millions of gallons of rain for hundreds of years, when did a thunderstorm accompanied by a five inch downpour morph into a flooded condition?

Isn’t the world filled with enough misfortune without making the normal seem abnormal? It makes me want to yell–get real!

There, now I feel so much better. Please forgive the rant. Chances are nothing will come of it, but thanks for listening.

For this moment at least, my frown has turned into a smile.

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