Essay — Carpenter Country CSI

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Would you believe there’s been a murder in Carpenter Country!

No, the short one didn’t snuff anybody, but she still feels bad about what happened.

It began in April when two Bluebirds met at the backyard watering hole. Their courtship quickly winged its way to nest building, then egg laying.

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All seemed to be going according to plan until the morning the short one noticed Mr. B flying from the roof of his house down to the entrance and poking his head inside.

What was going on?

She rushed outside and peered into the opening. The nest was empty. Mrs. B and her five eggs were gone…vanished…gobbled up during the night!

Back in her office, with visions of Mrs. B’s gruesome demise running through her head, the short one wondered, who had done the horrible deed? There were no eggshells lying around and the nest hadn’t been mangled, which meant the killer couldn’t have been a raccoon.

That left only one other villain–a snake.

Feeling awful for letting such a terrible thing happen, she went back outside and took the birdhouse down. It wasn’t going up again until it was thoroughly murder-proofed.

Fast forward to yesterday.

The birdhouse now sits on a pole surrounded by a shiny five-foot length of stove pipe. Hopefully, the baffle’s clang, wiggle and sway will throw any and all intruders to the ground.

A short time ago, Mr. B landed on his super-safe bungalow.Right after that, he brought a lady to inspect the interior. She evidently liked what she saw and set to work building a nest.

Mr. B is flitting around like a happy newlywed.

Obviously, he finished mourning a lot faster than the short one.


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