Busy Day

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The Fourth of July…time for fun and games.

At least that’s what Carpenter Country’s short one thought when she decided to host a potluck for a group of Bunco friends. But it seemed the Fates had other entertainment in mind.

The first hint that it was going to be a quirky day came when the washing machine, filled with tablecloths for the party’s red, white and blue theme, spewed water all over the floor instead of down the drain.

What caused the overflow?

According to the guy who’d just finished mowing the lawn, it was his missing sock. He’d seen it burst from the drainpipe into the backyard, causing a large toad sitting near the blowout hole to leap straight up in the air.

A good frog story, just what I need with twelve women arriving any minute, the short one said to herself, as she wrung the flood from the saturated mop.

And actually it was–until another whammy hit.

After lunch, and midway through the sixth roll of the Bunco dice, the electricity went off, shutting down the a/c and turning the house into a sauna. The get-together broke up rather quickly after that. But calamity still ruled.

As the short one stood outside, watching the crowd of red-hot ladies depart, a flying object buzzed by her nose. A yell, a slap and a dance step later she realized she’d tangled with a yellow jacket.

Ice would help the swelling, but the power company had not yet made the scene, so she headed for the phone to report the outage. Guess what–there was no dial tone.

But you should have seen the air. It sparkled with blue-tinged verbal fireworks!

Hope all of you have a great 4th of July weekend!

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