Broken Toe

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Aches. Pains. Bumps. Scrapes. Bruises. Colds. Earaches. What’s going on? Is everyone falling apart?

That’s what Carpenter Country’s short one wondered as she sat reading her afternoon emails. Must be we’re all in the same boat, she finally decided around a smile.

And why was she smiling?

Because misery loves company–and when you have a fractured toe it’s good to have company.

True, her misery wasn’t caused by pain. Her misery came from the fact that she couldn’t find one shoe in her entire closet big enough to stuff her puffy “buddy-bandaged” toe into.

Earlier the doctor had given her a rigid soled boot. And being a good patient she’d tried to wear it. The problem was the darn thing was a men’s small–the only size available.

A Frankenstein shoe, much too big, she’d emailed the friend with the earache.

Actually she’d have loved to throw the uncomfortable contraption out of the window, but then she’d have to walk barefoot–which is how the toe accident happened in the first place.

As she pondered what to do her friend sent a suggestion: Shorten the sole and realign the straps.

Problem solved, the short one thought a few minutes later when she slid the newly handcrafted Cinderella slipper onto her foot.

Wanting to show her appreciation for the good advice, she emailed back a thanks, and added: They say each ailment makes us stronger, so though we may feel like we’re falling apart, we’re really getting healthier.

To which she received this quick-witted reply: I’ll try to believe that.

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