Blue Moon

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Here in Carpenter Country, the short one vividly remembers fun nights spent on the back porch with the kids, eating cookies and watching a full moon climb over the horizon.

Occasionally there were blue moons, like the one that will light the night sky on May 31st.

The blue moon has an interesting history. Originally, when people were more concerned with the start of solstices and equinoxes, full moons had different names such as Easter Moon and Yule Moon. These moon names defined the seasons. So if there was a fourth moon in a three-moon season, the term blue moon was used to keep calendars on track and people from being confused.

The more recent definition says two full moons can occur in any month except February. The last time there was one full moon and one blue moon in a month was in July 2004. The next occurrence will be in December 2009. An even greater phenomenon is the appearance of two blue moons in the same year. This happens approximately every nineteen years.

These days the short one feels even one blue moon a year is too much. Full moons tend to disrupt her body rhythms, aggravate aches and pains, and make her eat more cookies.

But wait, several studies have shown moon-struck-mania is more fable than reality…and these myths live on only because they stimulate our imagination.

Wow! That could mean while we’re having flights of fancy over a blue moon, the calories in our cookies don’t count.

Hey, moon watchers and cookie lovers–what could be better than that?

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