Birthday Time

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In Carpenter Country, the garnet and carnation month means birthday time is here again. While we enjoy celebrating, we’re not ready for another candle-on-the-cake day that rolls around faster each year.

When we were kids, getting from our seventh birthday to our twelfth took at least ten semesters. Now getting from one lifetime to the next seems to flash past quicker than a blink. Maybe time moves with more speed because we’ve lost our wild anticipation?

As we get older there are fewer fun things to get excited about. Let’s face it, a cholesterol check or an hour in the dentist’s chair is hardly a jump up-and-down event, but they seem to occur in accelerated succession.

When we were young and could hardly wait to get out of school, learn how to drive, or date that special someone, the clock never moved.

And that brings us back to the anticipation-slows-time theory, which is backed by the adage, a watched pot (full of high hopes) never boils.

That’s sufficient proof for us. Instead of bemoaning upcoming birthdays, we’re going to look forward to them with eager, happy, impatient anticipation.

Surely that much fervor will slow time enough so future Januarys will take at least a decade to get here.

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