Birthday Time Again

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Here in Carpenter Country it’s birthday time again. Most of us love to celebrate our day, but there’s one curmudgeon in the bunch who always claims he wishes no one would remember.

When we kid him about his mulish resistance to being feted he tells us he had a big bash on his thirty-ninth birthday, and since he’s planning to stay that age forever he doesn’t need any more parties.

We’re sure there are other loveable sourballs in this world with the same idiosyncrasy. Hopefully they’re in the minority since birthday celebrations have been around for a long time.

The merrymaking is believed to have started with the Pagans. Now there was a crowd of people who liked to party. Of course, in days of old, men and women feared bad things happened all the time–but especially during major life changes.

To ward off evil spirits they surrounded themselves with a village of friends and relatives who danced and sang very loudly. Over the centuries these fests became popular with kings as well as common folk and a tradition was born. Today each culture has its own unique way of marking the event.

This week our small corner of the world featured a cake to enjoy, candles to wish on, plus lots of gifts to open. And when friends and family began to sing a heartfelt rendition of the Happy Birthday song, we noticed our reluctant honoree trying to hide a smile.

May he have many more thirty-ninth birthdays.

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