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Bird watching can be hazardous, but it’s a fun pastime. Here in Carpenter Country we do it often.

Because the short one’s desk is near a window, she’s assigned herself the enjoyable task of keeping tabs on the bluebird house, a job she’s been doing for weeks. This morning she had the privilege of seeing five baby blues fly away.

The action began when a small feathered head poked out of the nest box. Since getting a good look-see at the small fledgling through a pane of glass left a lot to be desired, the short bird watcher quietly stepped outside.

A seat on the backyard swing offered a much better observation post. Binoculars provided an even sharper view of his feathery details.

Just then Mama Bird arrived with a moth, which he immediately latched onto. She plucked the bug away, then flew off. This back and forth continued until the little guy finally withdrew from the opening.

When he failed to reappear there was only one thing to do–peer inside the box to make sure all was well. A quick headcount revealed everyone was still at home.

Bluebirds usually don’t mind people looking into their nests. Unfortunately this mama was a bit overprotective. Her sudden fly-over and swoop-down ruffled more than a few curls.

Getting the message, the unwanted birder retreated and watched the rest of the saga from a safer location.

Then she headed for the restroom to wash the “good luck” out of her hair.

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