Bird Flu

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Is your business ready for the flu?

The latest news reports indicate bird flu, while still a threat in some parts of the world, has become less of a worry in the countries that experienced the worst outbreaks. Still, governments around the world are continuing to plan for a global pandemic—which means you probably should, too.

Here are tips to get started.

  • Keep informed about local, state and federal updates and responses to outbreaks of the flu. Make updates part of your regular company communications so everyone knows to take the threat seriously.
  • Establish a chain of command and a knowledge base that takes into account the possible illness of key employees. Communicate emergency procedures throughout your company.
  • Plan for health issues by setting up procedures for enforcing sick leave. Make sure employees know they won’t be penalized for staying home if they get sick.
  • Investigate your options for temporary replacement workers and decide how to train them. Establish telecommuting policies for both temporary and permanent employees.

No one likes to think about worst case scenarios like global pandemics. But preparing your business in advance for crisis situations is a smart move that can help lessen the impact on your family, employees and community. In the face of disaster, that’s no small thing.

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