Bewitching Myths

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Happy Halloween–it’s time to party! And to get you into a ghosty, goblin mood, here’s Carpenter Country’s list of bewitching myths.

The roll call starts with a Bloody Mary–no, not the drink, this is creepier. According to legend when those two words are yelled more than a dozen times, a spirit witch may appear and kill you.

If you like that fable, here’s another. Want to know what the guy you’re going to marry will look like? Put some money and a few mystical herbs under your pillow. As soon as you fall asleep your very own Prince Charming should appear in your dreams.

Still looking? I have more. Carry a lantern to a motionless body of water on All Hallow’s Eve, peer into the aquatic depths and see your future soul mate.

Curious about who your kids will resemble? Break an egg, drop it in a glass and take it with you.

For those not happy dining alone–fill a table with delicious food, surround it with empty chairs and hold a séance. When the dearly departed arrive, invite them to dinner.

The final tale–about spirits making a broom stand up by itself–had me wondering. So I hurried to the closet, and before anybody could say, don’t fly too far, tried to stand one up.

Turns out this yarn is true.

Oh, oh, what if some of the other mythical lore cited above was true too? That scary thought prompted the following warning.

Please abstain from trying any of the listed myths unless you’re a paranormal expert.

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