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Hoo-hah! The holidays are over. Some of us are glad. Some of us are sad. And some may have ignored the ‘shop till you drop, dine till you whine’ days entirely.

Whatever category you fall into, here’s hoping you all made it through–-and now it’s on to other exciting activities like the latest fad, which according to the newspapers is–-running barefoot.

When Carpenter Country’s short one read the reasons going shoeless was a good thing, her first thought was: Twenty-ten will be the year for broken toes, cut feet, stone bruises and, yuck, ringworm, should the runner step into any strange, unexplainable masses.

That made her wonder if this craze, which is already receiving a lot of hype and could catch on like wildfire, was being promoted by band-aid companies and drug firms.

It seems like every time there’s a need to push a product, the propaganda machine swings into high gear. Think pomegranates. Who ever heard of pomegranates? But there must have been a bumper crop one year and suddenly the juicy red fruit was the health fad of the century.

So it will probably be with barefoot running…at least until hospital emergency rooms and doctors who treat banged up tootsies become overwhelmed and start complaining. Then it will be on to another amazing rage.

As for going shoe-free, the short one’s been there, done that and unless she’s at the beach sliding her bare feet through the sand, she’s staying out of this parade.

Hopefully the next flavor of the week will be something really new.

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