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According to a recent survey, the most popular vacation spot in the US this summer is an old favorite: A destination called Normal.

The poll, conducted by Pedestrian Travel, found that 86% of Americans are familiar with Normal, a getaway situated centrally in the state of Nostalgia. Despite a proliferation of new destinations that mimic the original, including New Normal and Next to Normal, many Americans like to return to the “old” Normal on a regular basis, and quite a few want to live there year-round.

“We’d love to go back,” says Rue Tean, one of the poll’s respondents. “Normal is such a comfortable place.”

Getting to Normal can be expensive and requires a lot of preparation, but Pedestrian Travel says people like the sense of familiarity, especially when times are unsettled. The agency is sponsoring a “Return to Normal” promotion to tout the area’s attractions, which include sports, museums, a stable economy and a working government. Fitting In is a favorite activity in Normal, as is Keeping Your Head Down.

Still, some of those polled fail to see the appeal of Normal. “It’s changed too much,” says one. “Normal is nothing like it used to be.”

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