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Should Austerity come to the US? Fans of the controversial European pop star believe the answer is yes. But federal officials have reservations about issuing Austerity a passport.

“We need to think long and hard before Austerity debuts here,” says Stim Ulus, a member of the review committee. “He’s caused nothing but trouble in Europe.”

Critics of the pop star agree, pointing to the havoc Austerity has wreaked in Greece over the past few years. They question why anyone would voluntarily import Austerity-induced after-concert riots and street demonstrations into America.

Fans are just as adamant in stating the government should stop spending so much money trying to keep Austerity at bay. They’re convinced Austerity will be a big hit in America once his parsimonious music becomes familiar to all.

Austerity’s future travel plans remain uncertain as both sides debate the wisdom of allowing him to continue what some call sub-optimal performances. France will vote on the matter this weekend. In America, the review committee has until November to reach a decision.

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