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In Carpenter Country August is known as the blue funk and cranky month. For thirty-one days even optimists and the good natured get weepy and waspish.

Some blame the heat. Others think it’s too much a/c and a lack of fresh air. The short one says it’s the same old, same old, and we should all pretend to be tourists.

She may be right. According to the local newspaper, the Laid-Back Coast is the place where vacationists can find an adventure a day. The list of excursions includes manatee watching, scuba diving, fishing, canoeing and boating.

Okay, what can be more upbeat than a boat ride on a scenic waterway? And with a willing guide already on the premises, what could be easier?

As the sun peeks over the horizon we skim the calm, clear backwaters of Egret Bay. After a quick drift past quirky attempts at development by recent builders gone broke, the real beauty of the Sunshine State reveals itself.

Here in the long stretches of quiet marshland and eddying currents, surrounded by ancient shell middens–imagination peaks–time shifts–the present floats away and becomes the past. Suddenly we’re like kids running after an ice cream wagon, eager to sample each new flavor.

Maybe there’s an Indian sitting in a canoe around the bend. Or Ponce de Leon and his men frying fish over a campfire on that sheltered island. Look at the eagle soaring overhead. A porpoise playing beside the boat. Mullet jumping in the shallows. An offshore storm cloud darkening the sky.

A storm? Coming this way! Time to end the fantasy…but only until tomorrow.

If you’re like us and August leaves you feeling hollow and crabby, shore up your good humor with a flight of fancy. Before you can say fantastic!–September will be here.

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