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August is a washed out month, all gray skies and high humidity.

Everyone and everything is soggy and sticky. Mold grows in cracks, algae blooms in ponds. Most of the wildlife has flown away, leaving the feeders to the hummingbirds–and soon they’ll head out too.

Though temperatures may yet shatter more records in the northern states, the end of summer sits on the horizon. In the steamy south, sweltering days and nights will continue to rule the long range forecast.

August makes Mother Earth unhappy too. She grumbles, rumbles and often spits rain. On occasion she blasts sultry heat waves that crack pavement. Other times she blows vicious howling winds that knock down trees, roil the seas and pull the sand off beaches.

Here in Carpenter Country, the dog days of summer will last for at least another six weeks. And while air conditioned homes, cars, stores and restaurants offer some relief, the hothouse of the great outdoors offers none at all.

As boredom settles around us like a dense fog, we wonder why Augustus Caesar, who renamed the Gladiola month after himself, forgot to include even one get-away holiday.

How great would a trip to Lake Louise in Canada be right now?

The word from our travel agent is–temperatures are cool and the exchange rate is hot. That surely sounds more favorable than the conditions we have here.

Pack the suitcase. Grab the car keys. Head for the airport.

Let’s go!

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