Artificial Intelligence

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Do you remember your first computer? Mine was a TRS-80 from Radio Shack. The unit had very few bells and whistles, but it got the job done, and it never made me feel like I was dumb.

Soon PCs with the ability to cut, paste and check spelling became a part of Carpenter Country’s office-ware. Words, sentences, even paragraphs could be shifted forth and back, revisions were done in minutes, editing became a breeze–and the TRS-80, which I’d named Tandy, was put on the shelf.

My latest computer, a laptop, is loaded with everything including lots of brain power. When I first got it, I thought, Hooray! Now I can zip through my work even faster.

Then I noticed the cursor had a tendency to pre-think what I was going to do next. Or an error message would appear out of nowhere announcing I’d clicked on the wrong key.

Yesterday, PC Doctor popped up to fix a problem without any help from me.

At that point, I decided I was tired of intelligent computers that made me feel not only dim-witted, but also completely unnecessary.

And that brought to mind the good old days.

Well, not the really-real good old days when writing involved putting a pencil to paper or pounding copy out on an electric typewriter–

–just the great TRS-80 days when my brand new, bare-bones Tandy followed my commands and made me believe I was smarter than smart.

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