Accountants Star in New Reality Show

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Break out the calculator tape confetti! Your favorite accountant will be coming soon to a television screen near you.

As part of an ongoing initiative to increase the interest of young people in the accounting profession, The Institution of Certifiable Public Accountants (ICPA) announced a joint venture with Fox Broadcasting to produce a new reality show, American Accountant.

According to Icahnn Count, spokesperson for the Institution, the show will debut in the fall lineup, and will be based loosely upon the smash hit American Idol.

“The format is similar, including the dial-in voting for your favorite accounting personality and the chance to acquire tickets to be part of the live audience,” said Ms. Count. “But those who are lucky enough to be chosen to compete will be requested to refrain from singing. Instead, our challenges will be more cerebral in nature.”

When asked to name specific events, Ms. Count declined, stating, “Just imagine the daily routine of your CPA, and I’m sure you’ll come up with the same exciting possibilities that we did.”

A poll taken by the Pew Research Center indicates members of ICPA are strong supporters of the new program.

T. Amnesty, who qualified as a contestant for the show’s third episode, explained why accountants are delighted with the idea. “Normally we’re only seen on television supervising lottery drawings. I think a reality show will prove exactly how much more the profession has to offer.”

Beyond the obvious perks of instant celebrity and worldwide recognition, the winner will walk away with an audio-taping contract sponsored by the Statistics on Tape Club of America.

“The contract is in the high three figure range,” said Ms. Count. “The grand prize winner will be recording a series of 1,197 tapes entitled “The Compleate Internal Revenue Code.” In addition, ICPA will pick up the tab for the bus ticket to the Pittsburg recording studio where the tapes will be created.”

The season premiere of American Accountant is scheduled to air September 7, 4 a.m. EST, 3 a.m. Central.

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