A Time of Joy

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Palm Sunday. Passover. Good Friday. Easter. April is a month of meaningful holy days.

But back in the mists of our earliest dawn, before all these special days had names, this month of many festivals played host to a celebration dedicated to the goddess of spring.

The mythological goddess (or perhaps goddesses) of an earlier era had many names. To some she was Ostra. To others she was known as Ostern or Eastre.

Since history frequently reveals that the past, present and future have many similarities, it’s possible the festival of the goddess of spring served as the groundwork for the religions of today.

Here in Carpenter Country, we often look to the past to find our future. We’ve learned our best achievements are built on the foundations of our ancestors–and each time we stack another layer upon their groundwork, we’re closer to our own success.

April is a month full of historic moments. Whatever religion you choose to follow, past events tell us we are all one people. If we keep adding to the goodness in our past, some day we may be able to celebrate the holidays in peace.

With that thought in mind, we wish everyone a happy spring time celebration of joy.

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