A Tea Party

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Subway bombs in London. Car bombs in Iraq. Hotels bombed in Egypt. So many people killed. So many lives disrupted. What drives these dealers in mass destruction?

Here in Carpenter Country we think we may have gleaned a clue from a long-ago tea party.

Picture the scene: A cozy round table set for two. Delicate flowered teacups. Fun and giggles between friends.

And the child next door, shouting hateful words and making threats.

Now picture the result: Upended furniture, broken dishes and lots of tears.

Why? Because “You didn’t invite me to the party.”

While it’s no excuse, feeling left out can lead to destructive behavior. Behavior that can easily be directed at the innocent.

We’re not suggesting terrorists should have a seat at the world table. Those who organize and promote murder are criminals and should be treated as such.

But what about extending an invitation to the disenfranchised masses these organizations recruit? What about setting a place for these folks–and their children–as a gesture of friendship?

Trite as it sounds, world peace is a dream we’d like to see realized. Won’t you join our party?

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