Essay — A Perfect World

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The other day I baked an Irish Crème Chocolate cake. When the finished product came out of the oven, I topped it with whipped cream and it was perfect.

Image source: Merzperson, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
Image source: Merzperson, Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

While I was eating a slice of this awesome cake, I wondered why no one had ever dreamed up a recipe for a perfect world. It should be easy to create such a list–mix the best years together and leave out the nasty stuff.

Since I’m fond of low prices, I decided to start with the 1920s and 30s when bread cost nine cents a loaf. Beef came in at twenty-eight cents a pound. Eggs, a half dollar a dozen. Gas, a mere ten pennies a gallon.

In the 50s, housing prices ranged from $5,000-$8,000. We bought a new Cape Cod for less than $6,000, and they were selling like hotcakes.

The interstate highway system was built in those years, and since not many cars used the new roads, driving was a pleasure.

Moving right along, I added the gazillion babies born after WWII, who grew into teens and adults and along the way changed education, managed to get the draft eliminated and helped liberate women.

The 90s almost didn’t make my list until I thought about computers, the World Wide Web, a smile 🙂 and a wink ;-).

You’ll notice I haven’t included recessions and wars. Oh, wait, there’s something else missing–Money!

Even a utopian dream recipe needs that to be perfect.


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