A New Take on Taxes

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Tax preparers, already reeling under the changes imposed by two massive tax bills, are bracing themselves for yet another code revision.

This time the bombshell was dropped during the third and final presidential debate. In a remarkable display of unanimity, both candidates agreed that future tax hikes should be imposed on extraterrestrials.

The concept, which many privately believe is an empty campaign promise, was proposed by President Bush when he was asked by moderator Bob Schieffer how he planned to balance the budget in spite of recent tax cuts.

“My opponent wants to tax the rich,” Mr. Bush said. “I disagree. I think we ought to be looking outside our known universe for new sources of revenue. These space travelers are consuming our oxygen. They should pay for the privilege.”

In a breach of the rules, Senator Kerry used his 90-second rebuttal time to cross the stage and shake the President’s hand.

“This is the most intelligent statement I’ve ever heard you make,” he said, as television cameras captured the moment. “Teresa and I thank you from the bottom of our bank accounts.”

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