A Diet-Free Thanksgiving

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Turkey day is nearly here, and just like they do every year, the experts are serving up advice on how to cook calorie-free feasts. Or, if the meal is already on the table, how to eat right and keep those extra pounds off hips and waists.

As I read the strategies put forth in the Avoid Fattening Foods column, I wandered out to Carpenter Country’s mailbox. Inside, I found my favorite supermarket flyer.

The ad pictured everything delectable in glorious living color. By the time I turned the last page, my imaginary shopping list was crammed with thirty-two calorie-filled items.

Boy, if I buy all this stuff it will really blow my diet. But what the heck, I’ve been watching my weight for months. It’s time for a break.

I grabbed the car keys, ready to make a run to the store when a phone call with a "join us for a Thanksgiving lunch" invitation brought me to a halt.

Even better, no cooking, just eating.

Of course, that put shopping on hold, but not for long. All those images of homemade dinner rolls, stuffing, turkey, giblet gravy, yams smothered in butter, and great looking desserts were hard to shake.

Yesterday, they finally led me to the grocery store.

However, it’s okay to eat turkey twice on Thanksgiving. The last bit of advice in the Avoid Fattening Foods column was–don’t deprive yourself.

Which to my mind means, forget about dieting until the day is over.

So, happy eating ’til the clock chimes midnight–

–and Happy Thanksgiving, too!

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