A Day at the Fair

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In Carpenter Country, yesterday was a day at the fair. The county fair, that is. The short one almost didn’t go. She was trying to lose weight–and the fair meant food.

But maybe if she didn’t overeat…

An hour later, she was seated under a tent munching a very small bag of kettle corn while listening to live entertainment served up by three young-at-heart guys. The energetic trio played oldies but goodies on guitar, drums and harmonica for a finger snapping audience.

When the last note faded there were blue ribbon quilts to see, cattle pens to tour, rabbits to view and a petting zoo to wander. Fortunately, the camel in the petting zoo liked the short one’s lemonade-filled drink cup. His happy tongue won the day and her calories.

Across the way local politicians were delivering “vote for me” spiels and handing out cotton candy. Who can resist cotton candy?

But her real downfall came when she rounded a corner and was hit by the savory aroma of fast food. There were so many concession stands–and so much to choose from.

A mug of root beer from a barrel, and an Italian sausage in a bun heaped high with roasted onions and green peppers won the day. When the last bite was finished, she spied an ice cream stand. After only a moment’s hesitation, she bought a two-scoop chocolate cone topped with sprinkles.

Ah, the day is complete, she thought, as she headed for the exit.

And the diet is shot.

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