A Change of Scene

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Later today, Carpenter Country’s short one will celebrate her wedding anniversary. She should be looking for a special gift for the guy who shares her space. Instead her mind keeps turning back to the dream she’s been struggling through every night.

In the troublesome scenario she’s running along a snowy path looking for a restroom. Finally she sees a sign that reads–-BATHROOMS AHEAD–-followed by an arrow pointing to a dark structure on top of a blizzard-shrouded mountain.

But as she starts to climb the steep path, the snow gets deeper, she gets colder and the building keeps moving further away.

When she awakens, she’s exhausted. Worse yet–she’s once again pulled all the covers off her bed partner, putting him in a foul mood. If she doesn’t find a way to short circuit her midnight slumber fests right now, it may be the end of a very long marriage.

Google finds two websites. Both interpret a wintry bathroom quest as being about burdens and emotions–and suggest the best cure is a change of scene.

While she’s pondering how to make that happen, the computer’s screen saver comes on and–-Wow, there’s her icy landscape!

Okay, she thinks, it is spring and balmy breezes should replace snow. A mouse click brings up a tropical isle, swaying palm trees and shimmering blue water.

Hopefully that will end the bad dreams and tugs-of-war over the covers.

As for finding the perfect anniversary gift for her partner–-after fifty-six years of wedded “bliss” what could be better than a day of détente?

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