A Busy Time of Year

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The first day of Spring arrived last Sunday, March 20. Purim was celebrated on March 24th. Easter follows on March 27th. Then comes April Fool’s Day on April 1st. And after that, Daylight Saving Time on April 3rd.

It appears everything is happening at once–again.

Here in Carpenter Country, “all at the same time” events seem to occur more often lately.

We can be sitting around doing what we do best at a leisurely pace when–BAM–the phone starts ringing. Soon we’re filling our calendar with wall-to-wall assignments and invitations. When we hang up, it occurs to us that most are scheduled for the same week.

Of course, days filled with lots of activities make us happy. We love work and doing fun things, and we accept as many jobs and invites as we can. If only circumstance (or fate) offered a better schedule. There must be a postscript at the end of Murphy’s Law that says “nothing happens at all or everything happens at once.”

Which takes us back to the first day of Spring, Purim, Easter, April Fool’s Day and Daylight Saving Time.

Such a terrific group of red-letter days with so many great things to do, like planting seeds, coloring eggs, going to church, strolling in the Easter Parade and playing pranks.

It makes us sad to have to pick and choose.

Unfortunately there’s little we can do to change the crowded events on this calendar. Better to just say thanks for Daylight Saving Time. Even though we’re losing an hour, the extra daylight in the evening will let us spring forward and appreciate all the activities for a while longer.

Wishing everyone a Happy Busy Time of the Year!

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