Article — Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week

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Taxes are scary enough, without adding tax identity theft to the mix. The costs—$3.6 billion a year according to an estimate by the US Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration—are scary, too.

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Article — Your 2013 Federal Income Tax Return

Whether you’re a part- or full-time freelancer, receiving income means filing a tax return. Here are three things to keep in mind as you look back at your 2013 business activity. Dates: The IRS will begin accepting 2013 business returns

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Article — Fringe Benefits

Has your employer given you a gift card, cash or tickets to the theater? These perks, known as fringe benefits, may be extra compensation that’s taxable to you. Generally, your employer must include the dollar amount of fringe benefits such

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Article — Statistics from the IRS Data Book

February 2013 was the hundred-year anniversary of the Sixteenth Amendment of the US Constitution, which gave congress “the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes.” In March, the IRS released the annual data book of statistics about current taxing

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Tax-Related Identity Theft

According to an Internal Revenue Service Incident Tracking Statistics Report, tax-related identity theft affected more than 600,000 taxpayers in 2011, and the number is climbing. Dealing with the problem is time-consuming and difficult, and both the Treasury Inspector General for

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