Article — History of the US Department of Treasury

In 1775, at the start of the American Revolution, the Continental Congress had no power to collect taxes or to borrow money to finance a war. However, the Congress could issue “bills of credit,” which were short-term public loans to

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Article — Opting Out of Pop-up Sales

Are “opt-out sales”—where you have to choose not to be enrolled in a recurring transaction—a con? Or simply a marketing device? What are opt-out sales? Have you ever seen those pop-up boxes when you’re ready to place an on-line order?

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Article — Scams Against Seniors

Scams against seniors are on the rise. Owning your own home, having money in the bank and good credit puts you at risk. But don’t panic. The secret to making yourself as scam-proof as possible is knowing how to out-trick

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Article — Mobile Phone Cramming

What’s on your mobile phone bill? If there are new charges you don’t remember authorizing, you may be getting crammed. Federal Trade Commission reforms have put a crimp in landline “cramming”, the term used when third parties put unauthorized charges

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The Fair Credit Billing Act

The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), passed by congress in 1975, includes legal protections for problems with the quality of goods or services you purchase with a credit card. But did you know the protection includes erroneous recurring charges made

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